2019 year end

Last 2019 post   December was incredibly busy for me and I hope you will excuse the lack of a post until now.   My girlfriend’s sister has been visiting and we have been busy entertaining her. That involved a trip to Dublin for a weekend and then Scotland for Christmas and New Year.   Along with a very busy December at work, I have finally tied up some financial loose ends.   I have consolidated two pensions from former employers into a SIPP. This tidies up my finances and I hope will save money on fees. Previously I was … Continue reading 2019 year end

RE: The problem with FIRE

My FIRE journey is approaching 1 year old. I first came across FIRE around this time last year by reading a New York Times article about it and was completely inspired. I set about doing it right away. I chucked some money into a Stocks and Shares ISA before realising I was making a false start. I had to pay off my vast debt before anything else and now I’m actively investing.   Over the past few months, I have had a niggling pain in my side about the whole process. Although I am completely enamoured with the FI part, … Continue reading RE: The problem with FIRE

Savings update Nov 2019     

It’s that time again – my savings update. This month I put a lot of effort into developing a spending tracker so I can accurately calculate my savings rate. I had previously been using a theoretical savings rate based on my budget. However, as we all know, sometimes we go a bit off course and I need the data to reel that back in. I now have that data but first the figures in a spreadsheet.   The Figures   My Saving rate for Nov 2019 was 84%.   Yes, I was as astonished as you perhaps are. I actually … Continue reading Savings update Nov 2019