Annual review of 2023

Well here it is.  The big annual review.  I decided that seeing as I didn’t do much in the way of monthly updates, I should do an annual review of the previous 12 months.  I have done similar articles for previous years so you can check them out for 2022, 2021, 2020, and 2019, and decide how I’ve done.  In this report i will look at the highlights, my financial progress and the lowlights, and set out some goals or strong suggestions for 2024. Highlights 2023 was a year filled with highlights.  I shall list them below:  We’ve had a great year and we … Continue reading Annual review of 2023

2023 second half update

It has been several months since I graced this blog with an update.  Why have I not done this?  Simply, I’ve been very busy doing real life things.  That included working a lot, having friends break up, a health scare for my mum, having the in-laws visiting for 6 weeks, the death of a friend’s parent, going on adventures in my new car, and generally being lazy or tired when I did have time.  Life updates are I’m still sober and enjoying it.  It’s now been a full year since I gave up.  I didn’t intend to stay sober this long but here I am. … Continue reading 2023 second half update