July end of month update

The month has passed fairly quickly.  I had a few deadlines at work which focused my mind. I also had a few good weekends catching up with friends following my receipt of the second Pfizer dose.  I had been very careful about going out and about as several of my friends had got Covid after getting the first dose of the vaccine. Having already had it I did not fancy running through that again so I stayed in and worked from home. My partner also got pinged on Freedumb day which was ironic. She dutifully stayed in for a further … Continue reading July end of month update

July update

Another month has gone. Things in the UK don’t quite feel back to normal as yet.  Covid cases are rising again, however the corresponding death and hospitalisations rate are not.  That is a good thing, but having had Covid myself, I know it is a deeply unpleasant and time consuming illness with long lasting effects.  Not to be taken lightly. My friend who has had one vaccine dose caught Covid this week, and although is suffering mildly, it is still a huge inconvenience for him and his partner to have to self isolate for 10 days.  This will be a … Continue reading July update