I’ve been in this blogging game for a while now and I think it’s time for me to share some blogs that I enjoy. I’m going to categorise them into UK and International, with a bias towards UK blogs.

Please note these will open in a new tab! You can trust me I promise. Also, if you are wondering why I haven’t featured your blog it’s probably an oversight so please remind me!

UK blogs


If you haven’t heard of the Monevator, where have you been? He’s possibly one of the top FIRE/ Finance bloggers in the country.

Banker on FIRE

Who better than a Banker to advise you on what to do with your money? BoF has some very interesting articles that you won’t see elsewhere.


A Hedge fund manager and wise investor. He provides some cutting edge insights to the markets.

Fire v London

One of my favourite blogs and one that encouraged me to start blogging myself. FvL provides an insight into how high net worth individuals think and some really interesting technical articles.


A fascinating blog covering all kinds of topics. His weekly round ups are particularly interesting.

Fire and Wide

A new blog by a couple who have actually achieved the FIRE dream in the UK.

Money Mage

Money Mage has a great blog and is nearing FI whist living in Scotland.

Quietly Saving

Weenie gives her updates, wisdom and thoughts from the North of England.

Sovereign Quest

The best aggregator of finance blogs around. I’m proud to have been the post of the day!

The Intentional Scotsman

A fellow Scotsman talks money and FIRE


Mr Money Mustache

The ground zero for the FIRE movement. Still relevant and still informative.

Late Starter FIRE

Australian FIRE blogger who started a bit later in life. Providing wisdom and tips from the point of view of retiring earlier if not early!

A directory of some great blogs around the Europe. I’m grateful to have been featured a couple of times.