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Welcome! I’m so glad you’ve come. This is the first step in your journey to Financial Independence, Retire Early. I’ve created a number of articles which I believe will assist you along that path.

  • Fire 101 – what you need to know to get started.
  • Debt – I started FIRE with a lot of debt as most people new FIRE will (I know I did!).
  • Budgeting – because you need to sort out your finances to pay off your debts and invest.
  • Investing – as you really shouldn’t start FIRE until you are debt-free and have spare money.
  • Philosophy – I made some articles where I went all philosophical about FIRE.

Beginners to FIRE in the UK

FIRE 101 – Financial Independence Retire Early in the UK


How to pay off your debts in 5 easy steps

The day I paid off my debt

Car free and debt free in 24 hours


Emma, my new best money friend


Pension Pondering

Wealth in the UK and where you stand

Why I’m not stressing about the next big crash

Leasehold property explained – a guide

FIRE philosophy

Want to FIRE? Be like the Dude!

My decade and the most important thing to achieving a healthy financial life

I lost my job… now what?

So you lost your job… 6 key steps you should take

How to NOT lose friends and alienate people with FIRE

Enjoying life and FIRE