March savings update

So now for the part that feels like finding a document on the printer at work that you weren’t meant to see…my March spending and savings update! Spending Here are my numbers: So as you can see I track my expenses and to do that I am using the Emma finance app which links all my accounts and categorises expenses automatically. It’s great and I don’t need to spend much time to make this chart (Excel). I just copy the figures out the app. The problem areas I always find are eating out (which I include going to the pub, … Continue reading March savings update

Why I’m not stressing about the next big crash.

  Every year we hear the media’s views on what is likely to happen in the upcoming year, and every year they are almost certainly wrong. Whether they predict what will happen in politics, the world or in finance it will inevitably be so far from what actually happens there is little point in bothering. Who would have predicted that Notre Dame would burn down, Boris Johnson would win a landslide election and Britain would still not have left the EU?   With it being such great clickbait for news outlets to have stories that foretell of the devastation of … Continue reading Why I’m not stressing about the next big crash.