February 2024 update

It has been an exciting month in the markets this February.  The S&P500 has reached all-time highs and Bitcoin has been on a crazy upward trajectory.  I am only feeling FOMO on one of these though (Bitcoin) as my holdings in this are miniscule.  I have to remind myself that the last time i speculated on Bitcoin I end up down 80% and I have no doubt it will be the same this time. I might take a punt but let’s see. The benefit of investing through the bear market is now paying off.  We are up £18,412 in net worth in one month … Continue reading February 2024 update

January 2024 – a non-event

January has felt like a non-event.  We returned from California on the 2nd January and returned to work the next day.  Jet lag bothered me for considerably longer than it normally does or at least I remember it doing.   I’m struggling to recall what we did.  We did some walks on Hampstead Heath with friends and had lunches in cosy pubs.  We did a trip to Cambridge for a friend’s 40th.  It was a low key month as it usually is.  Oh and we did a cool VR game at a place call Sandbox where Mrs Wealthster and I played virtual squid game. I also made a … Continue reading January 2024 – a non-event

Annual review of 2023

Well here it is.  The big annual review.  I decided that seeing as I didn’t do much in the way of monthly updates, I should do an annual review of the previous 12 months.  I have done similar articles for previous years so you can check them out for 2022, 2021, 2020, and 2019, and decide how I’ve done.  In this report i will look at the highlights, my financial progress and the lowlights, and set out some goals or strong suggestions for 2024. Highlights 2023 was a year filled with highlights.  I shall list them below:  We’ve had a great year and we … Continue reading Annual review of 2023

2023 second half update

It has been several months since I graced this blog with an update.  Why have I not done this?  Simply, I’ve been very busy doing real life things.  That included working a lot, having friends break up, a health scare for my mum, having the in-laws visiting for 6 weeks, the death of a friend’s parent, going on adventures in my new car, and generally being lazy or tired when I did have time.  Life updates are I’m still sober and enjoying it.  It’s now been a full year since I gave up.  I didn’t intend to stay sober this long but here I am. … Continue reading 2023 second half update

Changing my relationship with a close friend

Let me tell you a love story. It’s about the longest relationship I’ve had in my life outside of my family. It’s about a close friend who would join me at parties, weddings and celebrations. It’s about a close friend who was always there for me when I felt down, anxious or sad. It’s about a close friend who would, on the surface, make me happy. However this same friend was causing significant damage to my health, causing poor performance at work, and upsetting my relationship with those who were close to me. Incase you hadn’t guessed it, my close … Continue reading Changing my relationship with a close friend