July end of month update

The month has passed fairly quickly.  I had a few deadlines at work which focused my mind. I also had a few good weekends catching up with friends following my receipt of the second Pfizer dose.  I had been very careful about going out and about as several of my friends had got Covid after getting the first dose of the vaccine. Having already had it I did not fancy running through that again so I stayed in and worked from home.

My partner also got pinged on Freedumb day which was ironic. She dutifully stayed in for a further 10 days. Bummer.

Happily, and against expectations, Covid infections are dropping off which appears to be proof the vaccines are working.  I’m feeling a lot more relaxed about heading out and meeting friends.  That will inevitably lead to an increase in my outgoings.  Of course I had my reservations about how our government made the decisions to release us from lockdown, but the decrease in infections can only be a good thing. Boris Johnson seems to be a lucky guy.

The other financial thing that happened this month was that I now get paid on the 11th of the month.  It meant I got a mid month boost shortly after my salary on the end of June.  I used the opportunity to dump £2000 into my ISA and £2000 into my savings car fund.


Spending way down this month at £2200, compared to last month’s holiday fuelled bonanza of £4050.  I’m pleased I’ve got this under control again. Its also good as it includes booking for a further two weekends away in August and September for a friend’s wedding.

I managed to sock away £2000 into my ISA which is always a good thing (which I’m aware isn’t spending but its in my app so I record it as such).

I use Emma to track all my expenses. It means I can do this update in about 2 minutes and it keeps me honest. Sign up here.


Investments have been pretty average this month. Nothing really to report. They have grown a bit but not a huge amount.

My networth has grown by about £5100 in the month. I always love this as its now growing at a rate that is above my salary. Yes I’m aware that it is partly due to the contributions I have made from my salary, but it still feels good to see that needle creeping up bit by bit.

FI fund has grown from £214k to £218K. OK so on second thoughts, maybe it’s been a good month for growth.

AMEX points

I haven’t updated on my AMEX points in a while but its doing ok.  I’m at 42,000 now on my AMEX and .  What will that get me?

Not sure.  I’m hoping an upgrade to Business class to Australia… We will keep saving as we can’t go to Australia until the borders open. As soon as they do open we will be trying to get back. I am concerned that there will be such a rush of pent up demand that the prices will be astronomical or there will be no rewards seats as every Aussie in the UK will be rushing to escape our pit of despair (the UK).

I also realised I’ve squandered an offer on my AMEX card which was £175 on Waitrose or Deliveroo.  I got a free Deliveroo out of it, but I should have gotten more! Damn it!


Thats all folks. Until next time! How is your summer going? Let me know in the comments below?

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