January 2024 – a non-event

January has felt like a non-event.  We returned from California on the 2nd January and returned to work the next day.  Jet lag bothered me for considerably longer than it normally does or at least I remember it doing.  

I’m struggling to recall what we did.  We did some walks on Hampstead Heath with friends and had lunches in cosy pubs.  We did a trip to Cambridge for a friend’s 40th.  It was a low key month as it usually is.  Oh and we did a cool VR game at a place call Sandbox where Mrs Wealthster and I played virtual squid game. I also made a cabinet for the kitchen out of some spare wood I had left over.

I didn’t take any good photos this month so you’ll have to cope with that.

At work, I got my appraisal result on Thursday and it gives me hope of a decent bonus.  It was positive and hopefully will also put me in a good position if there are lay-offs. I am very cynical about the performance management process to the point I think it is total BS.  I am extremely wary of being screwed over since we were bought out by PE backed American consulting firm.  I will update you next month.  


Spending was high this month.  This is mainly due to me booking flights to Australia which were expensive (£1350 return).  I was raging when, after spending a long time optimising the flights and getting the best price, the prices started dropping by £250 after I booked.  I guess there is never anyway to really know this is going to happen.  

Every other spending category is inline with the average spend from last year.


Savings were minimal this month.  I only managed 20% after the high spending which technically at into my savings.  I’m fine with that to some extent but yea, I could do better.  


On a plus point, my investments have been very good this month.  Up almost £15k in total.  This made me feel quite well off, as it is in fact, the best off I’ve ever been.  My FI fund has reached £323k, up from £308k last month.  Our joint FI fund is now at £414K, up from £399k.    

Its great to see this being up so much from last year where I was at £268k in January 2023.  

Networth is now £646k. 

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