May update – late, but that’s a good thing!

I’ve been meaning to post an update since the start of the month, but as you can see, it’s now the middle of the month. I did the numbers on the Bank Holiday so they are correct but life gets in the way.  That is a good thing however, as it means I’ve regained some semblance of a social life again.

Without further ado I will get on with it and make it brief.

Networth update

You can see a little dip in February 2021. This is because the UK property index for my London Borough took a dip.  The index tends to lag by about 3 months. I keep the value of the property the same from the last index update.  In this case values took a plunge due to lock down.  I expect values to bounce back if the papers are to be believed (which is questionable at the best of times).  However, the London market is down as people flee to the countryside.  Rents are certainly down because everyone is leaving and working from home. 

I view this as a temporary blip and have every faith in the capital to bounce back. 

My investments did very well in April.  After the ups and down again in the first few months of the year this April 2021 was good.  Maybe even the best ever.  However, with the benefit of doing this mid-May we can see the markets have gone down again.  Lets see what happens.

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