November 2020 – the month of lockdown and financial progress.

November was always going to be a quiet month in the UK after the second nationwide lockdown was announced. We’d been there before, but this time it felt less intimidating.

I felt a bit low after the second week, but otherwise perked up and got on with working. I learned how to solve a Rubix cube, brushed up on my French, and worked very hard.

We also had a new bathroom installed, during the lockdown. That was quite tricky as it required us to have no available toilet for long periods. We were able to book a hotel nearby when the bathroom was out of action overnight. We also discovered a handy website called Lockdown Loo. It details all open toilets during the lockdown, and to be honest it a useful database for free toilets other time.

I’m delighted with the result of the new bathroom. The old one was becoming extremely dilapidated and actually, had needed replacement in 2012 when I bought my flat. It’s all done now.

It also seems like it has been a month of gains for my net-worth!


Thanks to the new bathroom and having to pay the builder etc., spending was relatively high but was counteracted by the lockdown and lower general expenditures.

I spend £4.50 on transport this month, which is unprecedented!

I also bought a new mattress in the Black Friday sale. I’d been planning this purchase for a while, but had not considered looking on Black Friday as I really don’t have much interest in it usually. However, I noticed they were offering 10 Avios points per £1 on mattresses, and then found the mattresses were 35% off. I was going to get it anyway so seemed like a bargain. I also got 4560 Avios.

The only mystery on my spending is eating out, which should be £0 considering restaurants and pubs were closed. However, on closer inspection, I’ve been getting takeaway coffees and breakfast for me and Ms PWF, and a couple of takeaways to stave off boredom during the lockdown.

I track my savings using Emma Pro. It means I can make this table in about 2 minutes and know where every penny went with zero effort. Sign up using my referral link here.


 My Mattress purchase earned me 4560 Avios. I also was able to convert my idleness in ordering takeaway food, into Avios using

Avios: 7690

AMEX points: 29169

Total Points: 36859

Savings and investments

My savings rate was 64% this month. It’s higher than I expected, but even with some expenses such as paying for the bathroom which was about £950 (I split with Ms PWF), and the above purchases of the mattress and other random crap, I’ve retained a fair amount in my current account.

Total invested is the sum of Remaining in Current + Savings account + pension total + investments + S&S Isa + mortgage payoff.


I must admit to having no clue how my new pension contributions are worked out. I asked to sacrifice 10% of my salary. My company pays 6%. I’ve calculated that I should be getting £1048 a month, but I only seem to get £844. I used a salary sacrifice calculator online to work this out. I need to get in touch with the payroll. However, I could also have failed to understand this. This is why people can’t be bothered with their pensions. It’s a real ball ache to get right.

Now for the really sexy news.


After bumping along doing not a great deal, the markets have suddenly shot up. It seems to be due to the great news of the Covid 19 vaccine. My assets have increased by around £16k in the month. I’d say this feels like the most impressive thing to me. I’m up £84k in the year since Nov 2019.

Also, the housing market is booming here in the UK, so I’m seeing some increase there too.

FI fund is now 22%. 2% closer to Financial Independence in one month.

3 thoughts on “November 2020 – the month of lockdown and financial progress.

  1. Hah, good to see another Rubik’s Cube fan!

    Buoyant stock markets meant it was a pretty good month for most but you’ve clocked some great gains. Will be interesting to see what’s been built into the markets to cover the scenario of a no-deal Brexit – I think there will be a wobble but not like what we had in March!

    1. Yes I’m super pleased with it. As you say, waiting for a wobble again when Brexit or whatever next hits us!

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