Website rage and skiing fun

Thank you all for bearing with me. I’ve been having some trouble with my website the past week or so and it has been a struggle to get it fixed. Something was wrong with the SSL certificate and I could not work out how to fix it. I got very angry and had to leave it a few days. 

Anyway, the nice man in IT support got it fixed. I’m not 100% convinced my website is fully functional but let us see. 

Skiing delight

I have been away on a skiing trip to Courchevel for a week. I am a pretty advanced skier and being in the outdoors is one of my passions. I’d love to have stayed there… forever! Unfortunately, reality had to kick in and I’m back at work.

I spent a lot of time teaching my girlfriend how to ski so spent more time on the Green runs that I normally would. She enjoyed it and I think will come again so mission accomplished. I got to blast down the blacks and reds in the afternoon so all good. 

All week I’ve been having the thought of when I’m FIRE’d I will be able to live where I want etc. It’s quite exciting to think that I could live in a ski resort (although probably not Courchevel as it is very expensive). 

Coming face to face with the 0.1% ultra-elite, and skiing very fast past them, made me reflect on what having money means. I honestly thought some of the things they were doing could not be more vacuous. Lots of Instagram selfies and one gentleman had employed a professional photographer to ski backwards in front of him taking snaps. That says a lot about how fast he was skiing… as in not fast or well at all. I found this guy on Instagram and got an insight into his ultra-rich lifestyle. He drives a Rolls Royce, flies in a private jet and seems to be from Qatar (a place I spent 3 years of my life). He is also 24 years old.

I don’t want to be that rich at all. He was at Courchevel to be seen to be at Courchevel. However, he still had to use the same lifts I did. Strange that you can come so close to these rich types but live a staggeringly different life. Check him out xma_96.

We stayed in a big chalet with 20 others in total and it was a very reasonably priced trip. £1100 all in, including flights, transfers, ski hire, lift passes and two meals a day. I’ve spent more doing it my self so will definitely try and go again. It was a company called Ski World if you are interested. Sharing seems to be the way to save money. 

So I’m back at work and very busy again. Keep on trucking! 

One thought on “Website rage and skiing fun

  1. I’ve got friends that rich, jets, lodges in Aspen, island of their own, etc. But you’d love them. They aren’t pretentious, never sound condescending and heaven knows they’ve got no need to try to impress anyone. I think poor, middle class, wealthy or .1% there are great people and not so great ones in each group. I used to be a very aggressive skier, at my current age most minor injuries become permanent features so I’m not going as fast as I used to but there is nothing in this world better than flying down a mountain one with your skis and your line.

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