Weekend, or weekday? Week 2 in lockdown.

After my first full week working from home and despite the feeling that the days have blurred into one, several events have occurred.

Firstly, my girlfriend’s parents were able to get on one of the last flights to Australia. They had planned to stay in Europe for a couple of months and travel around. Upon the closing of various borders, we thought that we would go to touring the UK. Now after the country largely closing down, we thought it best for them to return home while they still could. Thanks to my girlfriend’s sister working in the travel industry, she got them a spot on a flight back. It turned out to be the last Emirates Airline flight back to Melbourne! Lucky indeed. They now must stay in quarantine at home for 14 days.

Secondly, my girlfriend’s company has put her on notice as they may not survive the crisis. Terrible news really as she had only been working there since January. They are paying for her to do a post-graduate diploma for the job. It would be a terrible shame if all the hard work failed to pay off.

Thirdly, my company sent out a letter saying they might have to lay off staff too. As I work in construction, it is often the first industry to go. I was expecting this to some extent but it never makes it easy. I am optimistic that my project is going to continue, but it could change very quickly.

Lucky for both of us that we have a combined emergency fund of about £15,000. We should be able to weather the coming storm even if we both lose our jobs. There is of course anxiety that we will catch the dreaded bug, but we are being as careful as we can and only going out for food and exercise.

It’s been a strange week for sure and I’m aware that everyone is experiencing a difficult time and many are much worse off than myself. It is a true emergency and I’m glad I now have an emergency fund even if I thought I’d be using it for a much less serious situation. If this had happened last year, I would be in a different place for sure. For now, due to the high chance that I could lose my job, I will save as much as I can into my savings account. Cash is king! Stay safe everyone.

3 thoughts on “Weekend, or weekday? Week 2 in lockdown.

  1. Sorry to hear about the job situation – these are trying times. I’ve just been paid but am waiting for the official announcement any time now about job cuts. I can’t say that my job is 100% safe (engineering recruitment) with projects being cancelled or postponed. My emergency fund is 3 months of expenses but I made my usual investmet (plus more) when I got paid. Risky? Perhaps but I’m just sticking to my plan until I know what’s going on. Stay safe!

    1. I do hope that everything is ok with you too. I can tell you from the front line that it’s looking bleak in the short term for some projects. Others are optimistic and plowing on (mine I hope!). It will pass quickly! I actually did what you have done last pay day and dumped some money into the market but even just a month on things seem very different and I’m gonna hold my cash until I can be sure. Shame to miss out on bargains to some extent but hey ho.

  2. Us slightly early retired types have struggled for years with knowing what day of the week it is. After awhile you actually see that as more of a feature than a bug. I’m sorry about the employment uncertainty. But you guys are very prepared with a big emergency fund and so talented. I know you’ll be fine even if there is some stressful uncertainty.

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