May and June 2022 update!

Intro After a two-month absence from blogging, I have finally managed to get round to giving you an update.  My absence can be explained by the fact that Mrs Wealthster and I were getting (and got) married, which took up a considerable amount of time.  Secondly, I was under the Kosh at work and, as of last week, had worked about 15 days straight, pretty much from 9 am-11 pm most days.  Thankfully the case I was working on settled, and now when I thought we would have a hearing this week, I am twiddling my thumbs at home (very … Continue reading May and June 2022 update!

April update

April has vanished before my eyes. Highlights included a trip to Somerset with some friends over Easter, a trip to the Harry Potter theatre show, catching up with friends many times, a walk around Guildford, and progressing plans for the big day. It’s a good thing that we were so busy because it has been pretty depressing on the stock market front. It appears that the markets have continued their plunge that began earlier in the years. I believe we are now down about 13% YTD and as far as the SP500 is concerned, my stocks app 1-year view is … Continue reading April update

A long overdue February and March 2022 update!

I have finally gotten around to producing an update.  My excuse? I have been extremely busy these past two month.  Firstly, work had its intense moments.  Deadlines were looming and it became all consuming.  Ms Wealthster and I both caught Covid for the second time too which knocked us out for a while.  It really wasn’t anywhere near as bad as last time and I would say for myself it was mostly like a rotten cold.  Much better than the time before we had vaccines, when I felt very unwell indeed. However, the main reason for being busy was my … Continue reading A long overdue February and March 2022 update!

Can you use a hot tub time machine to FIRE?

During the week I watched the film “Hot Tub Time Machine”, which if you haven’t seen, is a 2010 film about three middle aged men and a nephew who unintentionally go back in time.  After all individually suffering various problems in their lives, they decide to go to a ski resort they’d visited in their youth and that they associated with good memories. However, much like with their lives, the ski resort is now rather dilapidated and not how they remember at all.  Anyway, to cut a long story short, they get drunk, go in a hot tub, which for … Continue reading Can you use a hot tub time machine to FIRE?

The beatings will continue until morale improves – January 2022 update

After a fantastic start to the year of our Lord 2022 (mainly because I was chilling in Australia) we had a rude awakening upon our return to London.  First, there was the rampant Covid outbreak still going on in London.  Second the utterly dreary weather and long nights, and third the stock market took a plunge.  As I had been on holiday, I’d left £2000 in my S&S ISA account ready to invest because I was idle about investing it. Upon being paid on 10 January, I plonked another £3000 into my ISA and duly purchased £5000 of VUSA the … Continue reading The beatings will continue until morale improves – January 2022 update

What is wealthy?

What makes someone wealthy?  It is a question that I thought I knew the answer to until my trip to Australia.  The experiences we had out there have shown me that my ideas of what constituted wealthy were somewhat under whelming.  We’ve all heard of the vast fortunes of Gates, Bezos, and Musk, but that’s not what this post is about.  This is about the wealthy people hiding in plain sight.  The people that run companies, own businesses, and generally don’t want people to know how much they have. We had the pleasure of being invited to Ms Wealthster’s sister’s … Continue reading What is wealthy?